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Most frequent questions and answers

No. Islamic banking is for all individuals regardless of their religious beliefs.

Simply, riba is interest. “Any amount, big or small, over the principal, in a contract of loan or debt is ‘riba’ prohibited by the Holy Quran, regardless of whether the loan is taken for the purpose of consumption or for some production activity.”

In Shariah, there are many ways to share profit or returns between a bank and its customers. For example, in a deposit product, profits from a deposit arrangement will be shared between a bank and its depositors based on an agreed ratio and paid as dividends. Shariah also allows a bank to give hibah (gift) to its depositors as it deems fit.

Hijra Bank is a fully fledged sharia compliant interest free Bank. It is the only bank which use core banking solution that is accredited by AAOIFE. Since its very inception, Hijra Bank has demonstrated its strict adherence to its core value of inclusion, fairness and diversity in all its operations. It can be concluded that Hijra Bank is center for diversity and inclusivity.

Yes, it is available to all Ethiopians and to all Ethiopian origin but for foreigners, they have to they have to buy the share in foreign currency.

  • Yes, it is possible to request for financing using omni channel solution.
  • To do so, Login to omni channel > Open Financing > Open Request for Financing
  • Yes, it is possible to request and get ATM cards & cheque books online using omni channel.
  • Login to omni channel > Open Cards > Request Card > Submit
  • Login to omni channel > Open Cheque book >  Request Card >  Submit
Fulfill and upload requirements and submit.
  • Through trading via muraban financing
  • By constructing building through Istisna
  • By engaging on the import & export trading
  • By working together on feasible projects
  • Extending fee based service to the customers like guarantee services.
To activate USSD,
  • Go to nearest branches
  • Fill out service requisition form then sign and give it to the officers
  • Branch officers will create user and send you sms
  • Dial *827″ > Enter PIN > Change PIN

Omni channel is the way of providing banking products and services via all channels with consistent experience across channels while allowing customers to shift from one channel to the other.

The best way to transfer funds is using digital channels for many reasons like:

  • -Save time: no need to wait on a queue, it is fast
  • -Save cost : no need to go to branch, no transport cost
  • -Save effort: no need to walk a distance; it can be happened from the convenient of one’s hound held device
  • -Convenient: Customers can transfer fund at their convenient from anywhere any time.
  • -Secure: digital channel transactions are the most secured way of transacting money since only the sender and receiver knows the transaction details


Therefore via omni channel, USSD or card, transferring funds is very much better when performed using digital channels than any other means.